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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘reconfiguring a lot’ and thought to yourself, what exactly does this mean? Well you’re probably not alone. Reconfiguring a lot is more commonly referred to as a ‘subdivision’.

In accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 reconfiguring a lot includes:

  • creating lots by subdividing another lot
  • amalgamating 2 or more lots
  • rearranging the boundaries of a lot by registering a plan of subdivision
  • dividing land into parts by agreement rendering different parts of a lot immediately available for separate disposition or separate occupation (i.e. lease or community title scheme exclusive use)
  • creating an easement giving access to a lot from a constructed road

If the reconfiguring a lot involves subdivision, there are 3 plan formats governed under the Land Title Act 1994 which are:

  • standard: defines land using a horizontal plane and references to marks on the ground (i.e. land subdivision)
  • building: defines land using the structure elements of a building, including, floors, walls and ceilings (i.e. strata subdivision)
  • volumetric: defines land using 3 dimensionally located points to identify the position, shape and dimension of each bounding surface (i.e. air space subdivision)

Council approval is generally required for reconfiguring a lot as the majority of reconfiguring a lot proposals are code assessable development.

Planvista have developed an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality, pragmatic and feasible development applications for reconfiguring a lot proposals for local Council approval.

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