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In this final instalment of our 3 part series on Buyer’s Agents, we focus on answering one of the most common questions surrounding the profession.

However, just before we delve into answering this, we will start with a quick recap of our prior 2 articles. Part 1 introduced the concept and the profession of Buyer’s Agents and looked at why you would use a Buyer’s Agent. Part 2 then answered your questions about what services a Buyer’s Agent provides.

We now turn our attention to the following.

Who uses a Buyer’s Agent…

There is an underlying belief in the property industry that Buyer’s Agents are just for wealthy and time poor buyers. While it is certainly true that these characteristics are prominent in some of our clients, they do not define who we believe would benefit from engaging a Buyer’s Agent.

It is our belief that EVERYONE interested in purchasing a property should appoint their own independent Buyer’s Agent. So whether you are time poor, based interstate or overseas, or are purely a first time buyer with limited knowledge, a Buyer’s Agent can definitely assist you.

A seller appoints a Real Estate Agent who is legally obligated to act in their bests interests by obtaining the highest sales price possible and subject to the seller’s terms. To level the playing field and ensure that you are purchasing the correct property with the most favourable price and conditions, it is wise to have a professional Buyer’s Agent acting on your behalf. Purchasing property is generally the most expensive acquisition of your life, so engaging a Buyer’s Agent to act as your advisor in the transaction makes perfect sense.

At Planvista we focus on providing Buyer’s Agent services to investors looking to purchase a rental property or developers seeking to renovate, subdivide or construct new property projects. We team our Buyer’s Agency service with our Town Planning service to provide you with an exceptional level of service that surpasses others.

Planvista is a licensed real estate agency and provides independent Buyer’s Agency services within South East Queensland. For more information, please call our office on 07 3188 9320, email info@planvista.com.au or complete our online form at www.planvista.com.au

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