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Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing you a series of 3 articles focusing on Buyer’s Agents. The overall aim of these articles is to inform you about Buyer’s Agents and to raise awareness of the profession.

You will also often hear the term ‘Buyer’s Advocate’. This term is generally used interchangeably with ‘Buyer’s Agent’ within the industry.

This first post will concentrate on two of the W’s of Buyer’s Agents – What and Why.

What is a Buyer’s Agent…

A Buyer’s Agent is a licenced real estate professional that acts on behalf of a buyer. They are essentially the opposite of a selling agent.

A Buyer’s Agent is paid by a buyer and protects the interests of a buyer by representing them in a property transaction. Buyer’s Agents level the property playing field.

Why use a Buyer’s Agent…

The benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent are immense and include:

  • saving you time
  • saving you money
  • obtaining the most favourable terms and conditions for you
  • ensuring that you are purchasing the right property
  • gaining you access to off market properties
  • reducing your stress
  • granting you access to industry knowledge and unbiased advice

In our next post, we will discuss further the services that an independent Buyer’s Agent offers.

Planvista is a licensed real estate agency and provides independent Buyer’s Agency services for Investors and Developers in South East Queensland. For more information, please call our office on 07 3188 9320, email info@planvista.com.au or complete our online form at www.planvista.com.au

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