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Save time and effort

Let us find you the right property

We begin our process with an initial consultation where we obtain a full understanding of your property needs and aspirations.

We review your completed property brief to ascertain your specific criteria and desired preferences. From there, once fully engaged, we determine a strategic approach to obtaining the result that you are seeking to achieve.

After obtaining a full understanding of your plan, we set to work by searching for the right property for you. We identify suitable areas within the Moreton Bay region and then narrow our search to appropriate properties that meet your brief.

Our experienced professionals are experts in sourcing property and utilise a variety of search techniques and resources. Not only does our search encompass on market properties available on our industry databases, but we also tap into our extensive network of respected Real Estate Agents, gaining access to off market opportunities that are not publically listed for sale.

We then provide you with a shortlist of properties that meet your property brief and our initial preliminary assessment of these properties. This then enables you to concentrate only on the best opportunities available for your investment and development plan.

Our search function allows you to sit back and relax or to concentrate on other tasks, whilst ensuring that you are still moving forward with your property project. No longer do your weekends and evenings need to be consumed with searching for property suitable for investment or development.

Planvista will take care of this for you and assist you with moving one step closer to achieving your property goal.





Strategic approach

Tailored to your specific criteria and property goals.


Unrestricted access

Widen your search to include those properties not publicly available.



Regain control of your weekends and leisure time.

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