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Portfolio Review

Add value to your existing portfolio

Leverage your embedded equity

Engage our team of expert Town Planners and Buyer’s Agents to review your existing property portfolio to determine if you are achieving the best and highest use of your investments. 

With recent changes to zoning provisions contained within many local planning instruments, now is the time to review your current portfolio to take advantage of these changes. We have witnessed an uplift in zoning in more established areas closer to town centres, permitting higher density living arrangements, enabling the development of units and townhouses.

There has also been a relaxation of planning controls in some areas of South East Queensland, permitting the construction of granny flats and duplexes as secondary dwellings. These dual income properties have the potential to become highly sought after positive cash flow properties.

You may also be holding a property that is suitable for subdivision or renovation. Both of these development strategies have the potential to enhance the value of your property portfolio. With land becoming scare within some of the more highly populated areas of Brisbane and surrounds, subdivision is a mechanism of creating additional infill living choices. Renovation or restoration is also an option for rejuvenating the Queensland charm of character and heritage buildings.

Planvista can also assist with identifying properties that are underperforming and tying up your investment dollars. This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your strategic investment goals. Make your investment money work smarter.





Secondary dwellings

Create instant additional cashflow benefits



Develop extra lots from excess land



Improve value through cosmetic update and an enhanced floor plan

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