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Fit for purpose

Minimise your risk and maximise your gain

This is the most crucial component of the process, as buying the wrong property or holding a property with unachievable expectations, will ultimately cost you down the track.

Our property evaluation function can be engaged as a stand alone service for those clients who enjoy the thrill of the search or for those who may already own an existing property that they are seeking to develop. Alternatively, you may wish to group all of our property services together to achieve a complete end to end solution.

This is where our point of difference sets us apart from other Buyer’s Agents. We are qualified to provide you with expert Town Planning advice and opinion. We can determine the highest and best use of a property and establish a strategy for development.

Like other reputable Buyer’s Agents, we will also conduct in depth research and analysis on the targeted property and location. We will analyse economic drivers, demographic data, property demand and supply and key market statistics such as growth rate and rental yield.

Planvista completes all due diligence, including property inspections and also organise building and pest inspections on your behalf if necessary. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations, which will form the basis of your property purchasing strategy.





In depth research

Consideration of key economic and demographic drivers


Expert town planning opinion

Exploration of opportunities and constraints


Comprehensive reporting

Detailed findings and recommendations

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