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Strategic Planning & Policy Advice

Create sustainable and vibrant communities

Implement a distinctive vision

Our extremely experienced team appreciates the significance of delivering highly valued, community based outcomes, through the development of strategic land use plans and policies.

We will work with you to devise and implement strategic plans and policies for the development of both greenfield and urban renewal sites across South East Queensland.

Two key strategic planning services that Planvista offers are master planning and structure planning. We have the foresight and ability to create master plans, guiding appropriate growth and the future development for your next planning project. We can also apply to override the planning scheme in situations where your preferred development site is earmarked for future development, however no detailed Council planning has been undertaken.

Our experts can also formulate structure plans to ascertain how your proposed development will fit within the wider future development context, ensuring that your project does not comprise the development opportunities of the surrounding areas.

Our property professionals are highly respected and well regarded by local Councils. We have participated in the delivery of planning schemes and polices by reviewing, testing and providing recommendations for amendments. By applying real world town planning proposals, we are contributing to the process of making decisions to guide future action with our region.

Planvista are also equipped to prepare submissions for planned developments that may affect your property or draft a response to submissions against your proposed development project arising from public notification. We can even organise and conduct any stakeholder and community consultation that may be required and provide you with detailed feedback.

Our town planners can also utilise their practical knowledge to provide you with advice regarding public space planning for parks and recreation and likewise provide you with waterway planning advice for rehabilitation and natural systems consideration.





Master Planning

Integrated land use for the long term benefit of communities


Structure Planning

Complement the wider planning intent of the area


Policy Advice

Implementation strategies to achieve policy goals

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