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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent (also known as a Buyer’s Advocate) is a licenced real estate professional who specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating property purchases on behalf of the buyer. Buyer’s Agents work exclusively for the buyer and are paid by the buyer.

What is a Town Planner?

A Town Planner is a qualified professional who seeks to regulate the current and future use of land for the benefit of the whole community. Town Planners strive to achieve a balance between the demand for development and protection of the natural environment, whilst taking economic, social and cultural impacts into consideration.

What fees does Planvista charge?

Prior to the commencement of our appointment, we will provide you with a fee quote based on an agreed scope of works. We operate on a milestone payment basis and guarantee full disclosure and transparency of all fees.

Does Planvista sell property?

No. We are exclusive Buyer’s Agents and Town Planners. Acting for more than one party in a real estate transaction is illegal in Queensland.

What locations does Planvista cover?

Our buyer’s agency services are limited to the South East Queensland region, however, we can assist with town planning projects Queensland wide.

How is Planvista different to other Town Planners and Buyer’s Agents?

Our winning formula of providing a holistic property service sets us apart from other consultants. We are interested in assisting you achieve your property project goal rather than just selling you a standalone buyer’s agent or town planning service.

Can Planvista help find me a home in South East Queensland?

Our primary focus is on searching for, evaluating and negotiating property for investors and developers, however, we are more than equipped to assist you with your next residential home purchase.


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