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Project Coordination

Put your project on track

Have the right people in the right place at the right time

Planvista appreciates the important of delivering property development projects on time and on budget.

We are here to alleviate the pressure and reduce the time associated with achieving project deadlines. Your priority becomes our priority.

We liaise with all external consultants such as Engineers, Surveyors, Ecologists and Architects to facilitate an effective and harmonious property project outcome. We provide briefing instructions, obtain fee proposals and supply you with timely project updates. We will work alongside your preferred consultants or we can assist you to assemble an expert team.

We track your development application through every facet of the Council assessment process. We closely monitor timeframes and respond to any queries that may arise. We also work thoroughly alongside any State regulatory bodies that are identified as having an interest in your development.

Our qualified Town Planners realise that your development project is not completed simply by obtaining a development approval. We can coordinate and manage the operational works and building approval process and assist you with plan sealing and titling.

The post approval phase can be one of the most challenging components of a development. Planvista are experienced in coordinating various contractors and service providers, including Unitywater, QUU and Energex. This service is particularly valuable to interstate or overseas buyers who are looking for a complete and convenient process.





Meet deadlines

Keep control of your project


Smooth process

Seamless collaboration between stakeholders


Achieve results

With an expert team comes a successful project

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