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Due Diligence

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There is no denying that purchasing property or making a commitment to develop a property is a big decision. 

It can be very easy to be caught up in the property hype, but it is crucial to undertake comprehensive due diligence. The purpose of due diligence is to gather all of the facts and figures pertinent to the property and location and evaluate these prior to acting on a property decision. The scope of due diligence will however depend on the preferred property project.

Our market and location analysis covers aspects such as market cycle, capital growth and demand and supply factors. Once a particular property is suitable identified, we conduct a detailed site assessment considering the site’s topography, position of and access to utilities, zoning, local planning conditions and site and building inspection. We also conduct research on land contamination, past approvals and the overall merits of your proposal.

Flood has recently become a heightened concern for investors and developers, given the unprecedented levels of rainfall and flooding within many areas of South East Queensland. Understanding a properties flood risk and viable flood minimisation strategies are crucial to achieving a successful development. We have access to the most up to date flood information for a particular location and property and can provide you with detailed flood assessment.

Planvista property experts can complete the entire due diligence process for you, coordinating inputs from third party consultants such as your Surveyor, Engineer, Accountant and Building Inspector.





Location Analysis

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